We provide sophisticated, diverse and culturally rich design solutions for residential, hospitality and public projects around the world. We work closely with architects, designers and developers to help them achieve their objectives according to their technical specifications. We design into projects, improving design concepts and value engineering our products to deliver the finest designs on time and within budget.


“Work is love made visible.” Khalil Gibran

Randa Fahmy Design offers a continually expanding catalogue that includes hundreds of designs for lighting, furniture, accessories and architectural features in metal, glass, wood, ceramics, stone, crystal and other media. Many of our products have been created on commission for private clients and large scale projects and have been further developed and modified for our international clientele. We produce a range of sizes and ornamental variations for many of our designs.

Our work is the result of the passion we have for the creative process and the love we have for the fruits of our labors.


Over the last 30 years we have built an archive of over 20,000 custom designs for lighting, furniture, ceramics, flooring and other architectural features. On average we create 25 new designs per month while re-producing and adapting previous work. In the process we have mastered a vast design vocabulary that gives us a unique capability to create pieces that are useful, contemporary, detailed and timeless.
“The details are not the details. They make the design.” Charles Eames