DECEMBER 16, 2013

Randa Fahmy was born in Suhaag, Egypt in 1951. After graduating with honors from the School of Art at Helwan University in Zamalek, Cairo and private studies with the great Egyptian painter Hasan Soliman, she embarked on an intensive study of traditional Islamic metalwork. She is the first contemporary designer in Islamic metalwork to master the traditional canons of the craft and recreate the proportions and detail that brought Islamic metalwork to its glory.

Her first exhibition of Islamic metalwork was held in 1978 and resulted in commissions from leading architects in the Arab world to design lighting and decorative metalwork for palaces, mosques, hotels, resorts and private homes. In 1981 she co-founded Al Ain Gallery in Mohandiseen, Cairo. In 1982 she expanded her atelier into the largest metalsmithing workshop in Egypt. She has continued to hold exhibitions throughtout the world and has created and recreated hundreds of designs from the Islamic and Arab traditions.

Randa Fahmy is now widely considered the world’s preeminent designer of architectural finishings in the Islamic tradition. Her work graces royal palaces, resorts and ordinary households throughout the Arab world, Europe and America and is on display in some of the world’s most prestigious showrooms and galleries.

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